Design drawings

Studio 123: Unit 1: Concept Design

Kitchen view-1_edited ca-1

Architectural rendering showing the view from the kitchen to the living area with an option for a sprial stair connection to the roof.


Kitchen WOS-2ca

Kitchen view without optional roof connection.


Living RM view-3ca

View from the living area to the kitchen with roof connection.


Liv RM view WOS-4ca

Living area view without roof connection.


Final First Floor-2

Loft 06-11-14-ca1

Final Lower Level-1_edited-1


First floor, loft and lower level plans for Unit 1, currently in construction and available for sale. Contact Mary McKenna & Associates, Inc. for further information.

Architectural renderings by Terry Cracknell

Concept design and plans by Mary E. McKenna, LEED AP, AIA


Roof Sunroom and Urban Garden

Roof Sunroom and Urban Garden

  Studio 123 concept design model for an optional, solar paneled roof sunroom and urban garden deck. The front sunroom and deck, shown in the model above, face southwest, providing sunset views to the town’s historic steeples and bell towers. The drawing below illustrates the concept roof plan for the sunrooms and garden decks.

Studio 123 Live/Work Townhouses Design Drawings

Studio 123  Live/Work Townhouses Design Drawings

  Studio 123, first floor plan of Unit 1 and Unit 2, live/work townhouse environment Available for new ownership Each unit has a private foyer level, providing ADA elevator access to the first and lower level from a new ground level entry. Along with providing access to the work zone and living zone, this elevator access…